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hubby update

Finally got down to see the man. there are some parts of the human body you shouldn't see, and the inside of someones stomach is one of them. I got a gander at two pic's they did this morning. I've no idea what I'm looking at, except there were parts that did a lot of sparkling. Since they said they found bleeding ulsers in the stomach, I'm going to assume that's what that was. They only looked DOWN, and didn't look UP, if you know what I mean, cause the tech thought 'oh, there's where the bloods coming from' and stopped. However, with hubby, because you found 1 place, don't mean there aren't more. He'll probablly be checked again.
Hubby couldn't remember if powell-tuck had been by. His memory is shot, right now. He's on his 5th pint of blood, with one more perscribed. They haven't perscribed saline, so he'll probablly go shocky again. As he gets no fluid retention from the mouth (the idiots) and he's pissing and passing, his bloodpressure will drop like a rock. Even I know this, the idiots. Give the man some saline, before you burn him up. *shakes fist*
When they treat my husband like a normal paitent I just want to knock heads.

It's totally beautiful out today. I wanted to work in my garden. I'm still waiting on my basket moss to arrive in the mail, so I can tranfer some plants and put up my baskets.

Thank you for the nice thoughts in the previous posts...if I don't respond, please don't take offence. I've got little energy now, and it just sucks up too much of it. I do read it, and it does make me feel better, thank you!
Tags: health, hubby
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