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garden - before

I woke up at the ungodly hour of 6:30 this morning. By 9, the sunny weather had inticed me out to my garden. I got a lot done before it clouded over 2 hours later.
Here is the results of my work. I label this 'garden, before', meaning in a few weeks, when summer is here in full force, and my garden is cleaned up, I'll do an 'after' layout then.
Not sure how many pictures there are, but trust me -- open it, and go do something while it uploads.

Shahhe informs me the garden is warm enough to plant.

the shadowy south east corner, which never gets sun.

The scrawny rose bushes that put out the most beautiful red and purple flowers.

The new plants settling into their larger containers.

Our one daffadil. I didn't notice the free loader until I uploaded the photo.

rose bush new leaves. I love the new, red leaves.

The 'just planted' section. Notice the red box is covered. That's my cat grass, and the birds are digging up the seeds and eating them. I'm trying to fool them into thinking there is nothing there. This will be the third time I've planted them. They don't last the 4 days to sprouting before the birds are at them.

The green net is for my sweet peas to climb. Hope this works! Wild flower seeds in the big blue planter -- for butterflys. :)

All the seedlings. I took them out of their tiny contaners and planted in larger pots. I then used the tiny ones for seeds.

Survivers from last summer. And new radishes.

More red leaves.

long shot of the newbies.

The rebudding vet's of my garden, the rose bushes.

Long shot of the tattered garden.

Um, the first *something* I don't remember what they are lol

close up of a winter surviver.

Another surviver, although looking a little frost burnt.

The spider plant. Fear not for his brown and brittle appearance! This sucker has been frozen, snowed on, cut to it's last leaf, never watered...He will return!

The experament with the water crystals. Firm enough to take rocks. Lets see if the baby spider plant roots.
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