feath (feath) wrote,

check list:

cat: check! Hurrah, the ONLY person shahhe doesn't run from (besides family) has agreed to come in every day and feed and care for her.
Musemuggers: 1 of 3 prompt days filled: still need 2
April Fools: check! got a replacement maintainer
April Fools winner awards: check! got a replacement maintainer
Feath's Webs: half Check! got the invoices out. Hopefull more than 1 person will pay their bill. I'd hate to come back to 7 lost domains.
Feath's Webs: half check! I've renewed the server, but there's a problem with billing. They keep trying to charge my old credit card. It's being worked on.
Feath's Webs: still need. Going to unlimited bandwidth, need to change plans.
Game: check! Only need to find innernet cafe once and log in around the first, to keep mage active.
Game: check! Asigned temperary leaders to guild while gone.
Shopping for white burka: still need
Garden: still need.
Writing goal: still need.
Umrah studys: still need.
Umrah research: still need.
Medical: still need shot and refills.

What am I forgetting? Whatever it is, it's 'still need' lol
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