feath (feath) wrote,


Dates have been changed for Umrah, we're leaving April 22nd and getting back May 9th.
Not the best dates in the world.
I'm going to need someone to watch AF for me, and to do the winners items. One of my mods, perhaps?
I'm going through something -- not sure, but I'm sick. Drugged, icky, fatigue, don't want to do NOTHING but sleep, sick. This better be finished before I have to leave.
I'm exhausted from the study. FAR too many things I have to remember. My prelimiary list is already a page long, and that's just the stuff I need to remember to TAKE much less the stuff I have to remember once we are there.
We'll be doing Umrah right after landing (I'm assuming we drop the luggage off at the hotel, as I just can't see us dragging the stuff from hill to hill ;)) and Umrah it's self will take just a few hours. After that, its more relaxed, and we'll do the mosque thing and the tourist thing (hurrah! camera! pictures!) and go visit the prophets burial site and stuff like that.
Holy cow -- I'm going to mecca and medina! *stunned*
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