feath (feath) wrote,

Well, Umrah has changed. Going from April 22 and coming back on May 9th. This seriously screws up my AF. I may have to find someone to do the awards for me. Asking people to wait 10 days before they can order them is a bit harsh. There were no seats open for the 11th :(

We're doing 'prep' stuff -- learning all the things you can/must/can't do before/on the way/during the trip. *overload*
I've got to get some REALLY thin clothes, and something for my hair, cause my scarf always slips. Something super thin so I do die of heat prostration. It's already warming up over there. I'm also going to take the umbrella that can double as a cane.

Yeh, the thought of walking miles and miles in the desert heat is just THRILLING, isn't it. Inshallah, Allah will make it easy on me.

April Fools starts in 20 minutes, and even though I kind of know what I'm writing about, I've got no idea how to start it. Eeep!
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