feath (feath) wrote,

I've been doing a bit of gardening. Planted some climbing flowers, and re-planted the cat grass (birds discovered the tasty seeds last time). My radishes are starting to sprout. I still need moss for my hanging baskets :( And I want more roses. I'm thinking, later, of getting a whatsits...arch thingy, and plant climbing roses. I also want a water fountain, that works on solar power, but that might not be until next year.

FIL flight should be landing soon. I didn't go to help pick him up cause I can bearly walk. Am I sore, you ask? why, yes, yes, I am. I'm so tired I may take a nap. But a shower would probablly be a better option.

Cooked a great faitah for FIL, spicy!

going on Umrah is still in the works. Not sure if we'll be going, as FIL didn't get a visa from Pakistan before leaving. It maybe too difficult to get one for him here. I'll look for a catsitter once I have conformation we'll be going. I hate leaving her alone for that long though :( She needs loving :( She'll be all twigged out by the time we get home :(
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