feath (feath) wrote,

FIL's flight was delayed -- 4 hours! Poor man was sitting in the airport for 7 hours (almost the amount of time the enitre flight is). He wont be ariving until late tonight. Gives me time to clean up a bit more. I'm moving VERY slow, with sore muscles. My knee is brused EXACTLY where it was brused the first time I climbed that damn gate. Going by past experiance, it's going to take months to heal.

My ebay has gone bonkers - by that I mean, I'm selling like £20-£30 a DAY. When I started, I was selling £20 a month, and happy with that. It's actually getting hard to keep up with it. Getting people to leave feedback is like pulling teeth. I've got 130+ right now, and if everyone who's boughten stuff had left feedback, it'd be over 200.

One writting commission is done (hurrah) but the big one is coming up. I'm going to use it for April Fools. And speaking of AF, looks like we're going to hit 300, maybe 350 people. Where I'd love to have it bigger, this is really a good size. The boards are pretty busy (with LOTS of new, cute smilies) and people are having fun. Cool. ;)

Have stuff for sale for AP up here. For everyone who makes their goal, I've said I'll make them a special logo just for them ... like this: which is kind of small, but says: feath 100,000 words winner! with the new AF logo ;) Lots of people now going for 100k LOL! (but I'll put any goal win on there)
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