feath (feath) wrote,

I feel much better today -- I was able to get my ibrophine yesterday and it's helped tonnes. I can move! I can bend! *see the dancing feath* Well, okay, it's not quite gotten to that point.
I've been trying to get up a cafe press shop for April Fools. *gah*. I WILL concor the process.
April Fools is up to 231 participants. Not that great -- but at least it will keep the forum feeling 'cozy' which is one of AF's big draws ;)
Father in law is coming out the 27th to stay awhile. We are planning on 3 months, but I doubt he'll stay that long. He gets bored here.
I need a new source of souvinir pins. The ones I have are great, but I like to add things to my listings, and I've tapped my current source fully.
I got my first 'nutral' feedback yesterday on ebay (at least it wasn't negative!) because the guy felt the dragon was 'pale' compaired to the photo I put up. Considering his dragon was the one I used for the photo, I find it funny. The pic's aren't shopped at all, except to bring their size down. Those dragons were good sellers, and I might buy a couple more to sell again.
Dabs of writing, some idea's perking, but nothing large. When Trish was over she mentioned a couple of techniques to help me write. I'll probablly start them, but not for a couple of days.
Day light savings time starts today, I believe. The sun's coming up pretty early, and today feels like SUMMER. Lovely, warm and bright. It makes me want to do my gardening -- which I will do once I get my hanging basket moss.
Well, that's it today. A day in the life of a boring person ;)
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