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Can you say 'drama'? I knew you could. If it doesn't rain, it pours. Family in Pakistan were held hostage at gun point during a house robbery ...

first, a bit of background: this part of the family is rich. Their mansion is stunning, and the thing that really stuck me was they had a basketball court on the SIDE lawn, and it had a lot of room left over ... okay. They live in Karachi, Defence, and a few of the folks that live there have gate guards, armed. They do.

So, aunty (and her husband) is off visiting family, and the only one at the house is her son, A, who's twenty. He's just about to step out, when their gate guard came to the house and asked for an advance on his pay -- there's some trouble and he needs some money. A says, no problem, his mum will be home in a couple of hours, just ask her when she gets home. A turns to leave. The guard stops him, and insists on money now. Again, A says wait for his mum, it shouldnt be long.

The guard pulls his gun, and pushes A back into the house, and says sorry, but I have to have the money now. Get him the money.A says he doesn't know where it is, his mum takes care of the money. So the guard leads him from room to room, and they search for the money. Meanwhile, the guards buddies now enter the house, which has the front door open. They too are armed. The money can't be found, and A says only his mum knows where it is.

So the guard tells him to call his mum and get her home, now. A does so, telling her he's hungry, and she needs to come home RIGHT NOW and feed him. (he's 20 years old, remember, and perfectly capable of getting food himself. mum does not clue into the strangeness of his request). She comes home, to find several gun men with her son. They demands she get the money.

She tries to stall a bit, but whenever there's a delay, her son or husband get pistal whipped. She gives them all the money. Next, they want the car keys for the getaway. They can't find the car keys, and again, the men get pistal whipped.

Now, they'd been robbed before, and they have had a panic button installed in the window of the room they were in. The curtians were closed, and it was dark in the room they were searching for the car keys. The guard tells her to open the drapes. When she does, she also pushes the button, which alerts a security company.

Security arrives, and rings the gate buzzer, but no one answers. Security is confused, was not the alarm button pushed? Why didn't they answer the gate buzzer? They call the people aunty and uncle had been visiting (who was listed as the emergency contact) and was told they'd left 30 minutes ago. the old woman comes and gives them the spare gate key. Security calls the cops.

Now, what we have is several gunmen in the house with 3 hostages. The outter wall is surrounded by armed security. The street is now blocked off by the police.

Meanwhile, the thieves put guns to the uncles and A's heads, and tells the security people to go away. That they will be driving away, and if they give them any trouble, they will shoot thier hostages.

The cops say 'okay.'

The gunmen drive off. A snipper hits the tires of the car. The police start shooting the gun men. the gun men are shooting back. Bullets are flying everywhere. A gets hit in the leg. The cops kill two of the gunmen, 2 are captured, and 2 managed to some how get away.

The cops want A and his concussed uncle to give a statement before going to the hospital. A is bleeding all over the place. Finally, they take them to the hospital. A will be fine, and so will uncle. All the stuff was recovered (except what the police nick, I'm sure) which will probablly be returned, sooner or later.

So, how was YOUR day, dear?
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