feath (feath) wrote,

There are these kids (young adults) who sell bootleg CDs along whitechapel street. They have look outs (cause, they're like breaking the law twice over ... 1) they are selling pirated CDs, 2) they aren't paying for a stall, and to sell stuff, you have to pay for the privalage). Evidently, 1 of them didn't hear the warning. I'm walking down whitechapel, and this kid (one of the sellers) comes busting by me -- we are talking full out, run for your life stuff. About 5 steps behind him, there's a bobby, chasing him, also running full out (and trying to keep his hat on, which wasn't working very well)...and another 10 steps back, his female back up that wasn't putting much effort into running. Some back up she was! I was disapointed in her lifeless run. EVERYBODY on the street turns to watch this. He got his man! About 10 people put up a 'huzzah!' when he caught him LOL
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