feath (feath) wrote,

Oh, something a bit strange happened last night.

I was in bed with shahhe under the blankets, petting her. She's purring like mad, really loud. After I settle down to go to sleep, shahhe leaves and goes to steal my computer chair. A few minutes later, I realise shahhe had climbed back under the blankets (must have been to cold for her) and she's curled up next to my belly, purring like crazy again. It's so loud, it's basicly keeping me awake. Hubby climbes into bed and pulls me over for a snuggle.
I say: careful, the cat's in the bed.
He says: no she's not, she on the chair.
I look, yes, shahhe is on the chair.
The cat under the blanket is still purring like mad.
I look under the blanket. Nothing. I snuggle in with hubby, and listen to the cat under the blanket purr. It faded away after a while.
Tags: montague
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