feath (feath) wrote,

Last night, hubby rubbed some antiinflamatory cream on my shoulders and hip, and wonder of wonders, I woke up ALMOST PAIN FREE! I say almost because the only place I hurt was where the nerve is getting pinched. One small bit at the hip... It feels really nice.

Off to buy bulk souvineers, I'm actually runing out. nice ;) I'm going to try a couple of new things, too. (hubby's driving me, so no nasty underground! Even though I'm moving fairly well, no point in pushing it)

April fools up to 105 peeps :)

I've got my idea for writing, I just hope I can do it. I've not written anything besides flash fiction in so long, I think I've forgotton how to write a book. Or at least, a LONG short story.

Got my hanging baskets today -- and we're going to stop and pick up a willow and cherry tree ;) I'd love another rose bush, too, but that is at yet another store, and I doubt I'll be moving too well by then.

Edit: scratch that. the cars not starting. A call to AA is in the works.
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