March 29th, 2016


Larnaca - It IS terrorism [blog]

woah, do I have a problem with this? Damn right I do.
1) I knew the guy was white because they said 'not terrorism', right from the start. If he'd been brown or black, they would 'leave all channels open', or say it was terrorist related before they actually knew.
2) IT IS TERRORISM, the guy threatened to blow up a plane. He did it for 'love'? I don't give a shit why he did it. He's a damn terrorist.
3) Terrorism is NOT just Islamic nutters.
4) He could afford a plane ticket, but not one to Cyprus?
5) How the HELL did he manage to get on a plane with a bomb vest? I have strip searches before boarding a plane, for ef's sake.

You want to talk about clear prejudice, honestly. It's sickening. The guy is a terrorist. He threatened to blow up a flipping plane. That is terrorism. Period. Bible thumping, Quran waving, Disgruntled employee or love gone bad, no matter what color skin you got, you threaten to blow up a plane and it's terrorism. If this guy doesn't get charged, I'm turning in my 'Believes in Justice' card.

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