March 5th, 2016


dis n dat - generators [blog]

Of interest only to writers, I've done a couple more generators.
ReImagine which is taking a story, fairy tale or movie and 're-imagining' it. In the music world, this is called 'remix'. In the book world, it's called theft, if you don't take out preparatory markers. It was a tedious generator to make, which doesn't interest you, but what might is there are close to 500,000 possible responses.
Then there's the Romance one. I'm not a romance writer, so I wasn't sure what things a romance writer was looking for. A bit of feedback helped with that. I only know one vanilla hetro romance writer, all the ones I know are, um, adventurous. And the romance generator reflects that lol
My third new generator is the Hero generator. It was fun to make, aimed at making a 'superhero' but can be used pretty much as any kind of hero, just by removing the Super bits. It's pretty much another character generator, but with flair.
The paranormal one is still in the works. It's not been officially 'announced' yet. It'll work, but it's still in beta. I'll probably be working it today.
On the to do list is crime and time travel.
Then I'm debating grouping some generators together, to make a super type, or all encompassing kind of generator. It'll be going into book format, for sale.

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