December 13th, 2015


cave art

While going over my cave-art books recently, I discovered (or re-discovered) a couple of things.
birds; birds weren't a big thing for prehistoric guys. I'm thinking, 1) they're hard to catch and 2) they don't feed you too much for the effort. But there are two birds (well, maybe 3) that are on cave walls. There are a couple of owls. Shown with their faces AND backs to the viewer. The owls ability to twist his head like that must have blown their minds, enough for them to put them on walls. So that is the short story Im going to write up to beef up my book Neanderthal Mythos.
The other bird shown on walls (two representations by the same artist) is only a silhouette. The writer of the book this was in, twisted a gut to describe it without saying 'bird like'. It's so exact (like the best cave art) I'm betting a bird expert could tell me which bird it is. However, for practical purposes, I'm going with raven, as ravens have a strong presence in my stories.
Another thing I noticed was prehistoric porn. Or at least, nudes, usually female. Porn is a late addition to walls, not really showing up until around 10k ya. And considering these guys can depict how a deers and an aurochs knees differ, they are crud as hell.
As well, T&A is clearly something that has fixated men since the dawn of time.
ALL portable art of women show very fat women, not a bone in sight. They are like this on walls, too, except for a few exceptions. These women are skinny - a huge ass, itsy waist and good sized boobs. They are usually shown from a side view, otherwise the extended butt wouldn't be seen. They strikingly remind me of todays body moders, who are injecting their asses and having ribs removed to get the wasp outline. Some things just NEVER change.
The last thing I (re) noticed is landscaping, or rather, the lack there of. Animals everywhere, in every season (some show winter fur), in every mood (loving, moving, fighting) in every size. but not one tree. Not one flower. Not one water hole. Not one mountain or cloud. There is never ground under animals feet. Clearly, you cant eat a tree or a cloud. Is that why they aren't there, and only animals are? Or is there another, more complex, answer?