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December 12th, 2014

writing and scrivener

My computer auto rebooted itself this morning. This gave scrivener a coronary. it rebooted with a random save from a week ago, and all text ('files') missing, just blank txt files. I couldn't find where scriv auto saved to. I couldn't find any of my previous manual saves. it was gone. sure, I had some stuff from before scriv, but to re write the whole thing? I died inside. And yes, I was using scriv as my only source of save. it was wrong, i was lazy. it wont happen again!
I was able to find it, though, thanks to a google search. they told me step by step where to find it, and I did. I got the whole thing back, to the last word I did last night. help for scrivener here.

Everything good,yeah? all fixed! Moving on! Only I'm not. I still have that dead feeling inside, and it's not going away. At least, yet. My work is open sitting right in my face, and I can't write a word. All I feel is dread.

Le sigh.