November 6th, 2012


The Quest / Neanderthal

I am doing my best not to copy jane m auel's story line, which seems to be working well, except for 'pets'. It seems such a basic human need to nurture animals, that i'm having a hard time keeping my char's from adopting everything they see. I have alowed them 1 squirrel. they better keep care of it!
Another thing I've been very strict on, is no shrugging or 'come here' motions. These are modern human motions, and I've kept them away from my guys. although there are very ancent cultures on earth that have a 'go away' hand movement to indicate 'come back', I'm still just going to stay away from the whole thing. My guys snort through their nose or grunt, and that's their shrugs and 'meh's.
I'm also keeping an eye on time. There is no clocks or calendars, and assocated words. No 'seconds', 'minutes' 'hours', 'months' 'years'. There are seasons. There is 'today', 'yesterday', 'tomorrow', 'later', 'soon'. It is a lot harder than it sounds.
I AM keeping the human condition. I am keeping mystisisum. I am keeping art - both body and wall! I am keeping thoughtful, inteligent, interpitive people. I have been studing neanderthal all my life and the last few years have brought out some very interesting information. Info I always 'knew' intuitivly but had no proof. And you can bet the farm, I'm using it.
My problem, one I just can't figure out, is this. Somewhere, I read that NO neanderthal leg bones have been found, that are broken. They have not found one skelleton with a broken leg bone. WHY? There are so many thoughts going through my head. One theory was anyone with a broken leg was abandoned, left to die. I don't believe this, they were a careing community, supporting the old and feable. No, not that. Did neanderthal legs just not break? Were they so thick and powerful, incased in ropes of muscle and fat, that they just dont break? interesting thought. Or have they simply just not found anyone yet, after all, not every human has broken their leg bone, perhaps they just dont have a big enough sample. but it is a question I feel I will need to answer.