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October 3rd, 2012


got to the doctor today. Turns out, the guy who does the repete perscriptions WAS off on hols. The person filling in for him is the one who screwed up. Doc gave me my asthma meds, and grumbled that the temp has screwed up hundreds of people.
Doc has also said I have ruptured tendon - go figure that.

Looks like i do have broncitis, but 3 days into antibodics and I already feel better. Went to physio today, only got a short session, but already feels better - except for that burning 'you are so going to be sorry later' feeling. I started using my phone's callendar, 'cause I can't keep track of all the apt.'s i got. So depressing. But if at the end of all this torture, I can be pain free -- oh yeah, baby! That would totally rock.