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September 10th, 2012


As you may or may not know, I've been getting harassed a bit. Some bright spark has been kicking my door (really hard) every once in a while. I reported it the first time to the police, who kind of looked at me blankly and went "meh". Gee, thanks guys. Since their lack of interest, I've not reported the other five times it was done.
Well - it happened again last night. So, six times, now.
Only last night was different than the others.
All the others have always been around 11:20pm and last night it was at 3 am. As the BOOM woke me from a deep sleep, I couldn't tell from which direction it came from. My mental immage was the -back door- closing, rather than the front door. I got up, checked all the doors and windows, and listened for anyone upstairs (just in case it was them getting home late and pissed). Nothing - everything as it should be. (locked and chained)
I can't afford CCTV. There are other options, but even they are pretty expensive. But I think I've though of another thing I can do.
One of the criteria I'd like to have, is to make sure it IS my front door - getting woken qickly like that, I dont have time to focuse on where the noise is coming from. And the other criteria is to 'prove' (to whoever) that its not a random, toe tickle kick of a passer-by, but a dertermined THUMP to try and break down the door.
I have a screamer lock - I got it when I got my scooter. This thing has a loud scream, not only if it's being cut, but even if it MOVES. So I'm thinking of putting it on the door at night. When the door's been kicked when I was awake, I also heard the bells I had on it jingle, so I know he's kicking it hard enough to do that. If he kicks it that hard, this alarm will go off.
so I'm thinking of trying that. What do you think?