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February 14th, 2012

I finally got my x-rays done. doc requested them, what, a month ago? two months? BIL was here, and hubby broke his foot, and the hosipital moved the department (whole other story), so in effect, it was one damn thing after another; it took forever to get them. I was expecting to have my shoulders xrayed. Hubby thought it was my chest (why? no idea) but no, doc wanted my hips done. One thing I realized, I haven't laid on a firm surface in years, cause it hurt like HOLY HELL. If i had to indure that kind of pain on a daily bases, I'd be glibbering insane. In compairison, it made my shoulder pain feel like getting hit by marshmellows.
well, in two days, i can call the doc and finally get some kind of resolution.