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January 9th, 2012

This n That

My shoulder doesn't hurt so much these last few days. I'm thinking the cold snap is helping it, somehow.
I feel really tired today. A nap looms on the horizon, but I'm a terrable napper. The only time I nap is when I'm really sick or pregnate. I'm neither, so in all likelihood, I'll lay down and watch the walls turn yellow.
I've been trying to think of places to advert my book, Clam Dragon without being annoying. anyone got a suggestion? besides my GOOD FRIENDS (thats you) sending out a shout to your frinds, saying what a cool book it is? *puppy eyes*
I've been holding on to my paitences, waiting for the people who got a free copy, to review it. I know its not been long, but I'm like a kid on christmas eve. I'm debating on which book to put up next. Yarrow is defenitlly one of them, but I think I'll start with a shorter one.