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August 19th, 2010

Australia judge orders witness to remove niqab in court
Women who wear the face vail are showing a very strong sense of body modisty. Its no one's business what they look like. You are sapposed to 'view' them by their deeds, not the line of their jaw or their large dewy doe eyes.
The western equivalent to this would be that the witness must strip naked while on the stand "But the defence said the jury should be able to watch her facial expressions." and the judge went with it.
There's an old joke: My dear, would you sleep with me for 1 million dollars? Yes? How about for 20 dollars? no, what kind of woman are you? My dear, we've already established that, now we're just negotiating the price.
If it was me, I'd take off every stich on that stand. Buck butt naked. Because there is no difference for these woman who wear the niqab. Exposing the face is the same thing as exposing the body. I'd also probably end up in jail for contempt of court, but it'd be worth it. Yes, it is a personal choice, but for those who make the choice to wear it, its NON NEGOTABLE.
If you were told you had to strip while giving evidence on the stand, would you feel a sense of outrage? Would you blush, but do it? Would you refuse?

Poll #1607533 Body modisty

If you had to give evidence in court totally naked, what would you do?

Strip and pose for photo's
Strip and get so rattled not be able to answer anything
Strip and use my arms and hands to cover stragic places
Strip, blush and/or cry and somehow get through the experiance.
While on stand refuse to strip. They can take my evidence while I'm wearing clothes or not at all. Their choice.
Refuse and withdraw as a witness.
Refuse, and go to jail for contempt of court.
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