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March 16th, 2010

Good morning (afternoon/evening) everyone. :)
Unfortunitly, I have to tell you I wont be continuing feaths webs. If your website is coming up for renewal, I wont be taking you on for another year. I just dont have the energy or the wit to keep up with new technology.

I'll be sending peeps an email as well, but if you haven't updated me with a current email, you may not get it. So posting here, too, just in case.

If you deside to move your webpage to another provider, you will need to send me your current email, and I'll release your domain and have the key sent to your email. You should save a copy of your domain to your hard drive, for just in case. Otherwise it should move over to your new provider without a hitch.

Thank you VERY much for your support with feaths webs.

April Fools 2010

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