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February 15th, 2010

Feb. 15th, 2010

So cleo talked me into trying WOW on a trail bases, and I finally caved and agreed to get an account. I shouldn't have to work this hard to give someone my money! I ended up calling customer service in the US (playing US server; paying with UK credit card; headache), but after 1 full hour in the queue got a very, very helpful lady who took care of all of it.
In the process of downloading game - started at 10pm last night, and it was finally done when i got up at 10am this morning. Now doing the patch notes. this is listed as "this will take 10 minutes", and an hour and a half later, it now says I got 56 minutes to go.

With the refer a friend program, I'm leveling up pretty fast, a couple of days got my tamer to level 20. Cleo's been playing for years, so lots of experiance in helping out this n00b.

I've still got my ultima online accts, cause even though the graphics are old and sucky (specially compaired to wow), that game has lots more depth to it, and ...well, it was the first mmorpg I'd ever played and I'm attached.

I'm thinking there's something wrong with shahhe's sight or hearing, or both. She wants feeding, all feed me NOW, damn it, follows me into the kitchen, sees me get the food, runs into the living room, in anticipation, and when i get to the food bowl, totally ignores me, the food, and the bowl. Once I pour it into the bowl, and she can smell it, she comes trotting over. But i can wave the foil packet in front of her, crinkle it, say 'come on shahhe, feeding time', and get not so much as an ear flick. it seems a little weird.

Feb. 15th, 2010

me: goes to the bathroom
shahhe: runs in with me to get petted
m: pets shahhe
s: *penny drops* Feath is in the bathroom! *runs, feet skidding, out of the bathroom*
m: finds shahhe in the computer chair, clinging with all claws, and a "I dare you" look on her face.