January 27th, 2010


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I finally got my sleep time turned around...at one point I wasn't sleepy enough to fall alseep until 6am! Last night I managed to fall alseep at 10pm and woke up at 9am! Got a good 11 hours, feel refreshed, too. It took a load of sleep aids, but by golly, it worked.

I watched ice age 3, dawn of dino's last night LOL - hugely amusing. I'm not sure how many movies they ripped off, reused, gave a tip of the hat too, there were too many to count. But I really enjoyed it.

I had a dream a few nights ago (I still remember most of it, which tells you how much of an impact it made on me) of maralyn monrow as a ghost, very Street car named desire feel to it. It would have made a great play. She would have been perfect in the role.

Avery had his spinal surgery and is already back at work. I think he's nuts to go back so quickly, but he's got his happy pills and feels fine. I wonder if he'd be this active without those happy pills? He's trying to get into the Los Padres hot shots crew. Its sapposed to be kind of 'the best of the best of the best' crew - all well and good, but to me it looks exactly like what he did as a trainee firefighter - humping your damn gear in, climbing moutains, and fighting fires, sleeping in the rough - when you're lucky enough to get sleep. I'd rather he stuck with repelling from helocopters to fires; save your energy for the business at hand, not waste it just getting to the fire. Well - okay, to be fair, the hot shots get to drive in, which as a trainee he didn't get to do. But still. Okay -- to be even more fair, its probablly me living vicariously though him - I'd had killed to be able to repell for a copter to fight fires when i was younger. I think he's nuts to want to change lmao

But whats a mother to do? Support him and hope he climbs the fireman ladder of promotion until he doesn't need to be fighting fires himself, and is safe, of course.