January 3rd, 2010


(no subject)

My disability doc's note came due in december. The employement people gave me three days notice of this fact. Of course it was impossible to get the new one to them in time, but I did inform them what was going on. I got it mailed off, but of course, this was smack in front of christmas. due to the holidays, 'working days' and weekends, it STILL hasn't been recieved/recorded. I've now not gotten a payment in a full month. it HURTS. Yeah, they'll back pay me - WHEN the sucker shows up. what if its lost in the xmas mail? I might need to go get another one, and then wait for IT to show up. dear god. My head hurts.
Meanwhile, I'm brushing up against my overdraft. My DLA shows up in about 4 days, and that should keep my automaticly paid bills from putting me negative. Thats not counting groceries. But thats not a BIG consideration, as i have no clean dishes on which to eat off of. Energy levels haven't included showers, much less dish cleaning.
Then this morning the bed broke. The slats *pop*ed (sounded just like popcorn!) out. I'm not sure if they broke, or just came out, but, the matrice has no support. If they're broke, the matrice is going on the floor. I've not checked yet because I got to have the breath and energy to fix it. LOL. which means pulling apart the frame, and removing the stuff stored under it. its going to be an interesting night.