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December 21st, 2009

This guy is an ancestor of mine... I'm his greatx13-granddaugher.

Rev. Thomas Hooker, Jr. born in 1586 in the UK and dying in 1647 in Hartford Ct, usa.
Now, to be honest, the guy looks like a total sour puss. If I'd known him in real life, i probablly would have run screaming into the (wilderness) night - with him screaming (spittle flying) hell-fire and damnation after me. Puritans were considered radicals in the UK and had to flee for their lives. Lucky us, they settled in the america's yeah?

now, THIS guy, is my g-g-g-grandfathers brother

Augustus Lewis Cowart (and boy, i'll bet he learned to fight real good and real early) and his wife, nancy. This looks like one tough buzzard, fightin' injins (no relation at this point. that can be proved!) and just about ready for anything. And nancy looks like she's got a good sense of humor (probably needed with that old coot!). These people I think I would have been proud to know.
Here's August in his youth:

Corporal Augustus Lewis Cowart, our boy in blue.

Acutally, I've got boys in grey and blue, but dont have pictures.