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December 11th, 2009

Dec. 11th, 2009

Deep into research mode, I've re-found this picture (posted it yonks ago, on LJ). I know its my great-grandmothers father (in the middle). I now know a bit about him.
His birth name was Alonzo Smith, but he changed it to Jack Sloan. I've no idea why he changed it, or why he changed it so radically. (guessing, i think he got in trouble with the law, and needed to 'disapear'.) He was born in 1865, so guessing (again) this picture is around 1885.
His daddy, Enoch, emigrated from scotland, and where I got Jacks moms name, I'm not sure if she was indian, yet. By the looks of him, I'd say she was.
piccie, pretty smallCollapse )
More research pulled up a news artical from jan 1878.

Alonzo Smith, the prisoner who was sentenced at the Sullivan county court last week to four years and six months imprisonment in Clinton prison for burglary, was afterwards arraigned on indictments charging him with breaking and attempting to break jail, and sentenced with two years imprisonment in Albony Penatentary to commence on the expiration of his first sentence.

end quote.
Doesn't seem fair they gave him a year for 'attempting to break jail' and another year for actually suceeding.
anyway, i do realize there is more than 1 alonzo smith in the world, during the years he lived. And i relalize it might be a totally different alonzo. BUT. The years match up really well.
Alonzo Smith born 1856.
In 1878, at 22, he's imprisoned for 6 1/2 years.
in 1884, at 28, hes released. alonzo smith disapears, and Jack Sloan shows up.
4 years later, hes married and starts making babies, all born in the 1890s. He was 32 when his first baby is born - very late start for people of his generation.
I'm thinking it's him.