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December 6th, 2009

Dec. 6th, 2009

back in 2005, i'd put some stories up on fictionpress.com.
I got a review in this morning (forgotten all about fiction press!) and went to take a look at what stories I'd posted there.
I really am a drama queen lol
But in my defence, I was up against some damn good writters (musemuggers!) and had word limits (the stories were usually from musemugger prompts). To get a full story out of 69 or 200 words, your words had to do tripple duty. It makes it sound rather dramatic.
"they call me fool", 150 words, brought a tear to my eye.
I'd totally forgotten this one:
Aurora, 307 wordsCollapse )

I was better than I thought I was. Not necessarily Aurora, but just over all. Re-reading those stories I'd posted on fiction press made me realize. I was a damn good story teller.
When i got my wii station, it came broken. so the first thing i had to do was send it back. got it back and hooked up and YAH! works!
I got the wii sports resort (because the fit looked like grueling exersie), figuring i'd fool my body into exersising, by thinking it was playing.
it worked.
an hour past without realizing it. I'm going to be sore tomorrow!