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November 25th, 2009

Nov. 25th, 2009

good morning. I got a flu shot, and now i got a headache like you wouldn't believe. its killing me.

I've gotten a bee up my butt over tracing my family roots. I used to joke, "your family may have arrived at plymouth, but my ancestors met them there." - only, I'm finding out, its only part of the truth.

I DID have ancestors land at plymouth. 1 was a priest who'd been kicked out of the church for being a radical, and he had to flee for his life. The 2nd was the Captain of the "lion".
Tracing the indian side is turning out to be really difficult. I keep finding such-and-such born DOB in Indian Terr. and then a blank wall. the indian records are just defeating me. What info I am finding are almost all in the censes'. a 'proud' moment when all my cheokee ancestors are listed as 'farmers' - not. but at least they weren't on gov. payments - but then again, if they'd been taking gov. money, it'd be easier to track them.
One of my ancestors survived the black hawk war AND being married to 3 women AND having 14 kids.
I got 3 ancestors listed on a page with Anne of Plantegenet. Once my headach is gone, I'll figure that one out.
1 is listed as "Thomas was Subalmoner (Justice of the Peace) to King Edward VI".
I got lots of reverands, both in england and america.
I LOVE some of the names I'm coming up with. Jebadiah, Ebenezer, Jago, and enough Mary's to sink a battle ship. I've got one snarled mess with one of the Hooker people. different sites are showing different marriages with the same children. OR different marrages with the same name children at different times. OR different children with the same marrages. I'd swear this guy married his daughter, who had the same name as his mother AND wife. Okay - well. not sure on that one ;) but ffs, people, name your children other than john, william and mary.

I'm debating on getting an account with ancestry.com. Does anyone have membership? so far everything I use is free based, and not sure how much, if any, money i want to pump into this. is ancestry.com any good?

I did send in a sample to have my mtDNA traced and get my haplogoup. being female, I can only trace the female line. I fully expected it to go through A,B,C,D - the american indian grouping - but after doing some tracing, I think it could be just about anything.