November 18th, 2009


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so far i've found out;
cleo is having trouble.
FIL had oral surgery.
hubby is having trouble with his machine.
grandma is having a bad time.
uncle was freeking out because he couldn't get ahold of hubby, and actually showed up at the house to see if he was alive.
...and those are just the ones i was able to find out about.
the feelings continue. is it any wonder, with that many pyschic spears lobbed my way?

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i was once asked who was my idol, or who i looked up to. i remember having a hard time coming up with a name, and then being told it had to be a woman (it was a woman bonding kind of thing).
i couldn't come up with a single person.
for some reason, tonight i realized there was one woman i did look up to. of all the women i know of - sports, actresses, political figures, business woman - i could only think of 1 woman who i felt was truely a hero, and worthy of being an idol.

rosa parks.

who is your idol? and why - say in comments? You can answer one or both;

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