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October 29th, 2009

When my grampa was still alive, i used to tell him he had the best time ever to grow up. he had radio and the model T and tv; he saw the kennedy assasination and the moon landing.
today i was watching some show or other, and it flashed up a picture of Average American City, 1957 and it dawned on me... I was really lucky to get born when i did.
i had the best - i got maralyn monrow and elvis - i got color tv - i had vinal records - and the eight track - disco (okay, that ones debatable) - i got the kennedy assasination, the moon landing, vcrs, cd's, dvd's - personal computers in the home ... ffs - i saw the computer that put the first moon landing, and here's one in my damn lap - its just amazing.
kids were realativly safe, compaired to today. although it was my generation that saw the first razor blades in apples given out in halloween. it was my generation that NEEDED to invent the product saftey seals. and, it seems, it's my generation that watched the loss of fossil fuels and the rise of climate change.
i went to the movies for 5 cents. i watched the rise and fall of the beatles. my uncle went to woodstock and didn't take me (I'm STILL PISSED about that!).
and where my life has been anything but charmed, overall, i got to say - its been good.
i've still got childhood dreams to fullfill, but damn me, i got more done than i've yet to do.