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October 21st, 2009

i finally got curtains for the living room. i quite like them. a fake suede kind of stuff, in a rich blue. they look great, and they were cheap, but the best thing about them is they're lined, and i wont feel like i'm on display whenever someone walks by the place. Considering how crap i've been feeling lately, the fact i was able to get them up amazed me. The finals didn't fit though - well, one did, but the larger end of the curtian pole was too thick. so i'll have to figure out a way to A) return them or B) use them in something.
I might get another one for the bedroom. if its 'blackout' as advertised, i might be able to sleep past sunrise.

shahhe came out this morning and did that sideways bouncie thing, and vicously attacked an innocent piece of paper. She gutted it. I found several of its body parts scattered about the place.

my mom called me this morning. sounded rational, except she contridicted herself constantly. "i heard from M yesterday." to "I haven't talked to M in ages!", so umh.