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October 17th, 2009

I heard the mail drop in through my door...
a few minutes later, i went to check my email.
Nothing new! I was confused, because... I knew I got mail!

so help me!

Oct. 17th, 2009

shahhe has always been a 'scardy cat' - she seemed to be afraid of everything - and has the memory of an elephant. for instance, she jumps up on something that shifts under her feet - not only would she never jump up there again, but ANYTHING that would potentally shift under her feet, like the bed (where blankets sink under her weight!)
she'd 'cuddle' with you - if you picked her up and MADE her do it. the second you let go, she'd run off.
the only thing she really enjoyed was getting under the blankets with you.
its sad :(

so i got some synthetic cat facial pheromone. this stuff is sapposed to be really good at relaxing cats, making them feel safe. it can open up the social skills, where they're not anxious about everything. it can work instantly or take up to 1 month before you see a difference.

i saw a difference in just a few hours!

I was sitting on the couch and shahhe came up to me, and (very cautiously!) crept into my lap and "made bread" on my stomach! I was totally amazed! she's made bread like 3 times in her intire life - on the bed blankets. NEVER on me. AND she's never willingly sat on me. She's occationally sat next to my leg (bearly touching me, and in a position that would make a fast get away!) so this was a major break through!

i sure hope she relaxes enough to be a normal, lovey kitty!