September 4th, 2009


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i recently watched 007 "the living daylights" with timothy dalton.
it is crenge worthy. it was made in 2001, but had that faux-rich, textured feel of a 1960s film. the culture representation was so off, i was offended. the acting by dalton was um, not very well done. although he did his "fake smile" so excellently, a three year old would have clued into that he was being lied to. somehow, it went right over the head of the girl in the story. i think he was as embarrassed about the movie as i was. the sets looked backlot and/or cardboard-ish. when i wasn't embarassed, or offended, i was bored. there were frequent pausing just to break up the bouts of crenging.

if you've seen it, what did you think of it?

Poll #1453263 the living daylights

i saw the living daylights, and thought

5 star! it totally rocked, dude!
4 star! a couple of mistakes, but still good!
3 star. eh, it was okay for a late, rainy wed in.
2 star. yeah, it was pretty bad.
1 star. it stank to high heaven
0 stars. gee, thanks for reminding me. now i need to scrub my brain
-1 star. they should have paid me to watch it.
null. never saw it. i'll have to now, just to see if its as bad as you say.
null. never seen it. and dont want to now.
OOooh, ticky box!