September 1st, 2009


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i suspect michael jackson self medicated himself to death. same drug, perscribed by different doctors, made out to alias'. bet it started when his hair caught fire during that pepsi commercial. drug addicts will go to any lenghts. and he had a long lenght.
and whats this about the guy who says hes MJ's friend, and donated the sperm that was artificially inseminated in jacksons 'wife'? i knew jackson prefered children - acquitted - but he couldn't even do the dirty deed himself to make babies? geese.

and dont even get me started with the saint Edward Kennedy. oh, sad day indeed for anyone to die of brain cancer, but if anyone had karma coming back to kick you in the head, he did. his obit was a masters work of dancing on the head of a pin. the spin is a work of pure art. he got away with murder and worked his way up. he had such a strangle hold on politics, due to the american royalty name of kennedy, that if you were in his bad books, you're political carrer was over. he got JFK's son out of date rape charges. he was a bastard, through and through, taught at mamma roses knee. sure he did some good stuff - so did hitler for that matter - but the man had more of a black spot than just in his brain.

and i just realized today jackie kennedy's (JFK's wife) voice was almost IDENTICAL to maralyn monores. it gave me the creeps picturing him bang his wife and saying "talk to me, talk to me" - or the other way around lol.

and as usual, my son is in the thick of it.. two fire fighters dead. the good news, is i haven't gotten a phone call. so my son lives to fight another fire.