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August 29th, 2009

Aug. 29th, 2009

kat arrived home yesterday. i can just emagine how happy she was. that last week she was horrible home sick. of course, the day she left, the movie wallace and grommit, loaf or death arrived. what a shame. she took some pictures which i'm going to try and upload today.

i'd bought some stuffed animals from these people; Interfauna.co.uk
ITS A SCAM. do NOT BUY anything from these people. Advertised 24 hour shipping; get "comformation" email for 48 hour shipping, then after they get your money; nothing. they dont respond to any email, at any of their email address. their phone is off the hook. its been 10 days since i ordered my "next day delivery". i think its 21 days before i can reverse the charges on my credit card. so got a while to wait.
in the US there's the BBB to report these kinds of people. what is it in the UK?

im starting to recover from my cold. still a little wheezing, but i can sleep now. i HAVE to get to the pharmacy, cause my meds are almost finished. have to, have to. it'll take them a week - even though they always say 3 days. they never get the full amount first time.

avery is planning to stop over in dec on a planned vacation! yah! *muppet arms* now, if only cleo could get her x to watch the three kids for a couple of weeks.... hubby is planning to head off to paki in a couple of months, with mil. amazing what they can aford when i'm not there, sucking up all their money. i wanna go to egypt. :( or, no! i want to go to Lascaux. i would KILL to go to lascaux. *makes mental list of people who's pissed off feath* *checks trains*