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August 4th, 2009

Aug. 4th, 2009

Grandma's having a bad day. she has a mild form of demintia. something else, but i dont know the right term for it. she confuses who's who and what's what. ie; she calls a bed a comb. she KNOWS what it is, but the word that pops out is wrong. i'm one of the few people that can generally tell what she actually means when she says something, but even i was having trouble today.
its not uncommon - even for 'normal' people, to call someone by the wrong name. like, i'd call one daughter by the name of the other. but i seem to have disapeared in her mind... she thinks MY daughter is her daughter, and so on down the line. i spent 15 minutes trying to get it fixed in her mind; her, me, cleo, greatgrands... it didn't stick longer than the words echoing over the phone.
she knows that cleo's daughter, kat, is coming to visit me. only, she's got it fixed in her head that kat is visiting HER. she keeps saying "i look forward to seeing everyone!" ... which is heart breaking. damn it. even after 'reminding' her no one is coming over.
i'm just stumped on what to do about it. maybe i should call her carer. nancy has been caring for her for years. she might have an idea on how bad grandma is, and what needs to be done. if i CAN do anything from england.