July 31st, 2009


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i have a spot of trouble with internal temprature control. i run 'hot' as it were. (no smart ass remarks). today, at the library, it was like a sauna - at least for me. once done, i was standing at the check out, and feeling okay. just a bit of dribble sweat, no (hehe) sweat.
then, bam, i came this "-" close to passing out. legs went rubbery, sparkly/misty/grey brain/sight, felt my face go dead white... i leaned against the counter and breathed deeply, and it went away. but it was a close thing.

i had a vision of me saying, "okay, i need to pick up my print outs--" CRASH as i hit the floor.
good thing it didn't happen.

I did a good deed and turned in a moble phone someone left at the computer desks. I donated it to my phoopie-jan.

job center called and they want me to come in a register to find a job. this should be interesting! i can't even keep a volenteer job, for fuck sake. i LOOK okay, i mean, if you look at me, i dont look like i can't walk 50 yards without struggling. hell, i can't even do at home, computer work, if there's any kind of deadline - like time frame, day frame, shit, pretty much anything. i dont know from hour to hour how i'll be feeling.

its the one thing i'm worried about with kat coming. i've pre-paid train and hotel. what if its a bad day? just the worry alone will trigger an asthma attack. inshallah, it'll be okay.