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July 16th, 2009

RL ghost story

I just saw something that reminded me of this. I was 18ish when it happened. It happened to ME, not 'the friend of a friend' heh.

My grandmother had a lung desease and had a machine that was probably the forerunner of my nebullizer. It was about the size of a chair. huge puppy. I can remember her taking breathing treatments.
When i was 18, she died, not of lung problems. Her heart failed.
About 2 or 3 weeks after the funeral, we were clearing out her room a bit. Getting rid of the clothes and generally just things we didn't want. Like her breathing machine. We sold it.
The day the person was going to pick it up, the phone rang, and i answered it.
It was the company that supplied the machine, asking when would be a good time to pick it up. I was confused, i'd thought we owned it. But no. it was on loan and they said someone had called and told them to pick it up. I asked who; the woman looked it up and told me F.S. - my grandmother. After a moment of thought, i'd asked, when she'd called.
The woman said "yesterday".
I think my mouth opened and closed a couple of times before i managed to say "she died 3 weeks ago."
There was a long pause - i envisioned the womans mouth opening and closeing like mine had just done. Then just said; the woman who'd called said they were F.S., but of course, it could have been anyone.
umm... we'd all thought we owned the equipement - its why we'd intended to sell it.
so, anyway - yeah. I'd swear on my grandmothers body - true story.