June 27th, 2009


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I had this book memorized at one point...

this and Go Dog, Go were the 2 most loved books in my childrens library. Good times

Do you like my party hat?

and of course, anything by Dr Seuss was a winner!

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I remember michael jackson as a little black boy, and a clownish freak, but everything else in between is rather a blur. I was totally shocked when black & white came out, with the crotch grabbing. that pretty much left me cold about him. I liked his music when i heard it, but i never went out of my way to get it.
He had enough problems for a platoon, a sex life i'd rather not think about, god knows what else... and now that he's gone, i realize for such a fucked up little freak, he made DAMN good music.
i suspect his records aren't going to stay on the shelves, and where he had money problems, his kids should be set up pretty good from this months sales. i hope so.
i realize his passing will leave a small hole in my life - for what he did not have time to produce. no one will ever know if he could have topped thriller.
I didn't like the man, but i got to say, he was a great intertainer, and he was music.
best of life to him in his journeys.