June 25th, 2009


(no subject)

last night, as i climbed into bed, i could hear shahhe purring in the living room. i am smuggly amused at the amount of sounds she's putting out, like a proud parent. slowly, the purring grows louder. i realize its far too loud to be coming from another room, so slowly turn over to look at the door. where was she?
sitting 2 inches from the back of my head.
shahhe is terrified of faces - i'm sure some little kid picked her up as a kitten, put their face up against her's and screamed.
the fact shahhe is laying next to my head was just amazing.

last night my neb wasn't working, but i fixed it. score one for the old broad!

i was checking into taking a parashoot jump again - to find i now no longer fit the weight requirements. i'd have to lose a stone to be able to jump. how sad. so, next up, paragliding. maybe they dont have the same weight requirements. damn, you, prednoslone!