June 17th, 2009



So, shahhe comes slinking out of hiding into the living room. looking rather like a hyena, back legs low, and paranoia radiating like a sun. she took a slink around the room and went back into hiding.
i found her the next morning in the closet. pulled her out, i put her under the blankets on the bed (her 'safe' spot) and petted her until she purred. but she still crawled out and went to hide under the bed. i left her alone.
later yet, i went in and found a mysterious lump under the covers.
she's still there.

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shahhe's investigated the flat. she's sat in my lap, followed me, demanded petting, sat on the furnature. she's done everything but use the box and eat.
she's adapting remarkably fast. i think she'll probably sleep with me tonight and maybe eat tomorrow.
i forgot her comb though. and she needs a brushing.