June 12th, 2009


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As i went to bed last night, i felt stabbing pains in my lungs on taking a deep breath. reminded me sharply (hehe) how pneumonia feels. i think i have a cold, in other words. i woke up exhausted, so not sleeping well. it would explain the tiredness of the last few days.
my computer is supposed to arrive today "guaranteed" ... um hum. and i still need to go get shahhe. and stop at the doctors for a medical cert, and copy my pastport, and ... something else, but can't remember.
and all i want to do is sleep, but thats just not an option today.

~We have lift off

computer arrived! computer working! house totally trashed with boxex and rubbish.
EVERYTHING is on the other computer. favorites. cookies. programs. some things i'll probablly be able to transfer, but others will be lost for ever - of course, with the amount of crap i had on that computer, thats a good thing.
shit. thinking about all the things i'm going to have to download again gives me a headache.

*listens* ... hear that? silence. a computer that isn't screaming at me ... got to love it.