June 10th, 2009


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ARG! computer people short staffed and haven't billed me, much less sent the damn computer yet. i sat around all day yesterday waiting on the stupid thing - i got things to do. i could have done them yesterday. farking a. i got my shipping free though, cause i paid for next day and at this point its taking a freeking week.
at least i know its not coming today. maybe i can get the other stuff done, that should have been done yesterday.
alhamdulilla, income support called yesterday. want two more things, but thank god, its in the works. thats one of the things i need to take care of today.
i've got 5 things that should be done today. yeah, right, like that's going to work. days half over already.
just AGH
and of course i'm throwing a small asthma attack - i'm sure its the stress of the thing. i'll be missing my physio today, cause theres just too much to do, and getting an income ranks over physical torture.

(no subject)

I bought some flowers a couple of days ago. i love how they smell in the kitchen.

kitchen window

and with the left over flowers, i put in a bowl. i should get one of those small float candles. it'd go perfect. maybe a little sponge frog ;)

i kind of like the arty, black and white version.

and once i finish eating lunch, its off to do business.