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June 5th, 2009

Jun. 5th, 2009

computer is making a hell of a racket - no warranty, and its older than god. so, looks like a computer is my next purchase. hubby was going to see if his old computer could be repaired as a stop gap until windows 7 comes out, but i'm worried it might just be too late. if this computer dies, i'll lose MASSES of data; stories, photos, cookies. i'm thinking just go ahead and get a new one, even if i miss out on the new windows, and keep this one as a back up. it still works, i just dont know for how long.

i dropped my glasses yesterday, and while looking for them, i did a classic "step on the glasses to hear a horrifying crunch" sound. bent the frame a bit and popped the lens, but i was able to fix it.

today i put up my window foil. i'm looking forward to a bit more privacy. shahhe will be arriving when thats done.

im slowly getting some color in the house. i didn't realize how much the lack of it was effecting me. hubbys idea of a bold statement in wall color was tan. my decor is white with blue, and bits of red. i got one of those light bulbs that change color. its not a dramatic change, but it does reflect off the walls a small amount, and its very soothing to me.