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June 3rd, 2009

I finally got my cooker and washer connected - one HELL of a job. which reminds me, i need to get my installation fee returned, cause even though i paid for it, they didn't do it. A very kindly council employee did it ON HIS OWN TIME. quickly, efficiently and, by god, he even cleaned up after him self.

I'm so farking tired, i cant see straight. i also did physio today, so you can imagine how i feel.

been trying to put a shelf together - dear god almighty. NOTHING should be this hard. the instructions are rubbish, and even with the elec screwdriver i just bought (one screw, and i KNEW i had to have one) its turning out impossible.

I think tomorrow i will just sleep.

i'm on the ground floor, and i'm getting some blackout foil for my windows. besides the fact that it'll help on the fuel bills, i'm tired of seeing faces looking in as they walk by.

My pants fell off me as i was working lmao! i had to buy a new pair - one size smaller. huzzah!