May 15th, 2009


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i got heating and hot water! go me! and everything is either turned on, or in the process! go me again! painting is a bear, and its driving my lungs nuts. but very slowly getting done.
all bills paid, holy cow, water charged me in advance for a year. it gave me sticker shock, but once i realized it was for the year, i calmed down.
job center wants the blood type of my first born son, 12 items verifing address and disability, as well as my original birth certificate. they thoughtfully sent a 4x10 envelope for me to send it all in. like hell. no way i'm sending my b.c. through the mail. looks like another long day on monday to take care of that.

i've got to get used to all the new noises at the new place. its close enough to the other building that any little noise echos into the house and sounds like its coming from just behind me. the hallway, just outside my door, is like an echo chamber. absolutly no one can sneak into the building without my knowing about it. the guy upstairs likes to play his music real loud. for the first time ever, its music i actually like. he got my stamp of approval when he played 3 Dog Night.

I've discovered the place is actually close enough for me to walk to the old flat. so i've been doing a lot of moving with my tiny shopping trolly. most of it is waiting until i can get a removal van and have it all done at once, but not until i got net, and the floor is finished, however that may be. at the moment i'm painting it, but it maybe i can get flooring, if i can find a place cheap enough and installs it, too. am i making sense? i'm so tired, i dont know lol

well, off again to the new place. i'll be back online tomorrow.