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April 28th, 2009

Apr. 28th, 2009

Finished cleaning out the kitchen. Eaten - frozen - used or thrown out. 40 quid worth of new containers, as the majority of the ones we had were; no tops, stained/melted, various used product jars, grimy with years worth of oil, dirt and neglect. i now walk into the kitchen with a sense of peace, rather than "oh dear god, what will i find now?"

Bathroom and hall done. The only thing left is the main bedroom. Its daunting. I knew the kitchen would be hell to fix, but I also knew I COULD fix it. I look at the bedroom and my mind just shuts down.

Hubby has a lot of computer stuff from 1997. And a huge user manual for internet explorer 3. I got a friend who collect this shit - he can pay for the shipping or i donate to the library. They can place it in the historical section. He hasn't opened them in 8 years. They make great dust magnets.
He has several medical books which I'll probably let him keep. After all, the medical profession hasn't changed much in the last 100 years. Still a great value for looking up corns and bunions! Unless the library would like some more books in the "joke" section.

That'll teach him to leave me alone in the house for a month :P (and, yes, i KNOW he's reading this. bwahahahaha)

He keeps telling me to answer the phone. hehehe... <.<

I would if he called when i was home :P

other than that, feeling fairly well. but if i tackle the bookcase in the bedroom, i'll be having problems. the dust is amazing. just amazing.