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April 27th, 2009

today i went to the hospital for a walking test. to see how i've improved since i started the class. i've improved 50% - so, say, when i started, i could walk 1 mile, now i can walk 1.5 miles. it was a good improvement!

Next wed's I start 'maintenance' tai chi - only once a week class, instead of twice a week. I'm sapposed to do tai chi at home, which i've been doing. i did 45 minutes non-stop the other day. boy did i hurt after. but its done.

chris, i've emailed you about your domain, but no response, so figure i have an old email.

still no hot water in the shower, but i got hot water in the kitchen. totally weird. i'll let hubby figure it out when he gets home. no heating, either. very, very quick showers for me!

hubby is home the 5th.

I want to go to paris and the louvre, but how to get from home to the train depot had me stumpted. I'll wait for hubby to get home so he can drive me, then i'll go. i deserve a treat after all this work i've been doing!